Cybersecurity experts will gather again in Fribourg on February 12–13, 2020.

The second Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) will take place under the theme “Trust in a hyper-connected, digitized society”. The internet is a fast-growing area for opportunities, but also for risks, threats and big challenges. The Swiss Cyber Security Days 2020 are aimed at sharing knowledge in this field. New this year, the SCSD and the World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity (c4c) are joining together to offer a high-level panel.

Cyberattacks are widely considered the second largest threat to stable societies, particularly now during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A collaboration with the World Economic Forum was therefore a logical progression. This will take place during a special panel on Thursday afternoon, February 13, 2020 when the SCSD and World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity will hold a joint international discussion. The two communities of experts and opinion leaders share a single goal: to inform and work together to advance cybersecurity and create a safer world.
The World Economic Forum’s involvement is remarkable and highlights how inescapable cybersecurity has become. “We are delighted that SCSD brought us in and offered us this space.

Collectively fighting against cybercrime is of paramount importance across industries and geographies. We are looking forward to the discussion” reports World Economic Forum Managing Director Alois Zwinggi.

5G, transportation, e-banking: how can we trust them in an increasingly connected society?

From your laptop to your toothbrush, nowadays more and more devices are connected. But when we entrust our data or money to machines that we can’t truly understand or see, security measures take on a whole new importance. The second Swiss Cyber Security Days will be held under the theme ‘Trust in a hyper-connected, digitized society’.

5G is one of most debated topics right now but is rarely considered in terms of data security. The finance sector is also experiencing disruption, with new banking models such as Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra. Swiss rail companies are also contemplating the road ahead. “Smart Rail 4.0” combines several projects hoping to improve network exploitation through innovation.

These themes will be at the heart of the SCSD with their conference program and the innovative exhibition: “We’ve experienced an influx of speakers for 2020. It’s an extremely encouraging trend but makes it even harder to choose the best talks. We wanted to show a true snapshot of the situation, which requires meticulous coordination of content and speakers. I am delighted to confirm that we have once again succeeded in bringing the key themes and the top experts from Switzerland and around the world together. The SCSD 2020 will be engaging, full of surprises and very motivational,” says Program Coordinator Nicolas Mayencourt.

A special program for SMEs

Cyber risks are a threat to everyone. In addition to highly specialized talks aimed at IT or data security specialists and researchers, the Swiss Cyber Security Days offer special events for students and academics (universities and technical colleges) as well as innovative start-up projects. A program aimed at SMEs with best practice presentations will take place on two stages. Learning from the experience of others and sharing knowledge is one of the SCSD’s goals. Recent misfortunes at luxury watch manufacturer IWC are a reminder that a company’s reputation can quickly become endangered.

Fribourg, once again the cybersecurity capital

The SCSD were a huge success in 2019 with more than 2,200 visitors. On February 12-13, 2020 the bilingual town of Fribourg will once again host an audience with security experts. Plenary talks will be simultaneously interpreted into French, German and English. You can discover the latest in data security in the Exhibition space.

Tickets are on sale from November 25, 2019 at

For more information, please contact:
Iris Mende, Head of Communication
079 158 02 16

About the Swiss Cyber Security Days
The Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) bring the very best Swiss cyber-risk experts together. Taking place at Forum Fribourg on February 12-13, the SCSD will facilitate a vast exchange of technological knowledge through current and future innovative solutions aimed at protecting critical infrastructures and ensuring efficient cooperation between the private and public sectors. This two-day event with a forum and an exhibition bring stakeholders and consultants from economic, political and academic settings together. It is open to anyone seeking cybersecurity solutions, such as SME leaders, IT managers in large companies, students and experts.

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