Your advantages as an exhibitor

  • The first national exhibition and forum which brings consultants, system integrators, publishers and solution manufacturers together in one place for two days
  • A targeted audience and prominent speakers
  • Outstanding political, economic, academic and associative support
  • A broad communication campaign (see communication tools)
  • Fribourg, bilingual city ideally located between the cyber-Geneva and the Zurich IT market
  • Forum Fribourg: a flexible and modern forum with a trilingual
    team (Fr-De-En)
  • An advisory committee of high level experts from all over Switzerland

Exhibitors 2020

P.C.  = Press corner,  NWZ = Networking Area

Booth Number Name of the exhibitor
002 InfoGuard AG
003 Darktrace
005 Cylance Blackberry
006 E-Secure Sàrl
007 ensec
007 Tufin
009 Trend Micro SA
010 CyOne Security AG
011 SCRT Information Security
013 Omicron AG
013 Palo Alto Networks
014 Sonicwall
014 Telecom Services SA
016 Emitec
017 Kessler
019 Sophos
020 Kudelski Security / Nagravision SA
020 CrowdStrike
023 BeyondTrust
023 IPG AG
024 HP Schweiz GmbH
026 DreamLab Technologies AG
030 IC information company AG
038 Atos AG
039 LC Systems
039 Vectra Networks GmbH
040 Haute école d’ingénierie et d’architecture Fribourg – HEIA-FR Hochschule für Technik und Architektur Freiburg – HTA-FR
040 Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud – HEIG-VD
040 HEPIA – Haute école du paysage, d’ingénierie et d’architecture de Genève
040 HES – SO
040 HES-SO Valais-Wallis
060 immunIT sàrl
061 Rumya
062 Systancia
063 Terranova Security
065 KASPERSKY LABS Thycotic & Opswat.
066 Oracle Software (Schweiz) GmbH
067 Chubb Versicherungen (Schweiz) AG
068 SEC Consult (Schweiz) AG
070 Führungsunterstützungsbasis FUB
071 Armasuisse CYD campus
072 Bureau Infrastructures TIC de l’Office fédéral de l’approvisionnement économique (DEFR)
072 Center for Security Studies (ETHZ)
072 Centre de compétence en cybersécurité de la Confédération (SG DFF)
072 DDPS Déptmt féd. de la défense, protection population et sports
072 Division Cyber, Sécurité de l’information et Informatique (SG DDPS)
072 Service de renseignement de la Confédération (DDPS)
079 Swisscom
115 Abilene Advisors
116 Zendata
117 Cyber-Safe (Assoc. CH Label Cyber Sécurité)
118 Gatewatcher
120 Infosec Global
134 Schell Consult
122 Smart Light Solutions GmbH
124 Clusis 
125 Trust Square
128 CISELsecurity
128 Thycotic
130 Eb-Qual SA, Pulse Secure
130 proofpoint
131 JoeSecurity LLC
132 Phoenix Contact AG
140 SailPoint
142 e-Xpert solutions
142 F5 Networks
142 Picus Security
143 ExtraHop
144 BNC Business Network Communications
144 Genesis Swiss Team AG
144 SwissConomy AG
144 Telecom Liechtenstein AG / FL1
145 DELL Technologies
146 Intsights
147 Amazon Web Services Suisse
147 HITACHI Vantara
148 Abraxas Informatik AG
148 Hacknowledge SA
150 Barracuda Networks SA
150 DataStore
150 Matrix 42 AG
150 Netwrix Corporation
150 TerreActive AG
155 Dfi Service SA
155 CybelAngel
157 Kyos
158 T-Systems Schweiz AG
166 Qualys Switzerland Sàrl
168 IBC Insurance Broking
171 Forum Fribourg
171 Union fribourgeoise du Tourisme
178 Cisco Systems
179 ServiceNow Switzerland GmbH
181 SIX Group AG
Kolab Systems AG
NWZ Samsung
Zurich Assurance
E01 FHNW Hochschule für Wirtschaft
edu EPFL
edu EPFZ
edu HEG – Haute Ecole de gestion Arc
i00 ICT Berufsbildung
i00 Next.Day.Vision
i01 Innosuisse
i05 Exeon Analytics AG
i06 Cysec SA
i08 LUCY Security AG
i12 Certx AG
i13 Centraya by e3 CSS AG
i14 Access Informer
i15 CybrQ
i16 Megaverse
i17 Aequivalent
i18 Davos Networks
i20 xorlab AG
i21 threatray AG
i23 Euresearch Network Office
i24 DSwiss AG
NWZ Cours des Bastions Avocats Sàrl
NWZ id est avocats sàrl
P.C. Finanz & Wirtschaft
P.C. ICT Journal
P.C. IT Business
P.C. Le Temps
P.C. Netzwoche
P.C. PME Magazine
P.C. Sécurité et Environnement
P.C. SonntagZeitung

The Visionary Exhibition Space 

With a new concept we will realize an exhibition epace with exhibition village and a high impact potential across 9‘000 m2. Four presenting partners will be given the opportunity to visualize a theme in the center of the exhibition area with ample floor space and to make it a vivid experience. Partners will also be integrated into a special stand concept in the immediate vicinity. As a further USP of the SCSD, two stages with seating will once again be realized in the ex- hibition space, which are reserved for product presentations and pitches for gold and silver sponsors. Meeting and networking spaces as well as high-quality catering are also integrated into this area.

Top-Classe Participants

Not only the speakers, but also the participants at the Swiss Cyber Security Days ensure a high quality event. The goal of addressing Swiss- Germans as well as French- and Italian-speaking visitors was achieved in the first edition of 2019. Slightly more than half of the participants came from German-speaking Switzerland (Zurich, Bern, Basel) and just over 40% from French-speaking Switzerland (Lausanne, Geneva, Fribourg). The target number of 2,000 participants was excee- ded with 2,200 visitors.
The statistics shows the quality structure of the number of participants in 2019:

On request, please contact Carlo Fachini: 
+41 79 407 49 71

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